Saturday, February 23, 2013

4th Anniversary Gifts

Source: Wed Loft

The 4th year anniversary gifts are meant to symbolize the blossoming and the continual fruitfulness of your relationship. That your relationship has reached a comfort level that you can have peace of mind that your relationship will continue to be fruitful and beautiful.                                           

Flowers have been given as the language of love for as long as archaeologists can find from the Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians. The meaning of each flower came from Turkey and was passed down through the French and British till it is incorporated into modern times. Next the Victorians took it to a whole new level; they wrote books about the language of giving flowers, which included the direction in which you give flowers. It would be fun to read about them in A Victorian Flower Dictionary: The Language of Flowers Companion. If flowers could communicate it back then, it surely can today.  If your spouse is knowledgeable of traditions make sure you think about the meaning and color of the flowers you give. 
I couldn't really find any history on the gift of giving fruit, but I will guess at what I think it means. Fruit is something that nourishes and refreshes the body, where the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" means that you want to keep your spouse healthy. It could also mean that just as fruit grows year after year without having to be replanted, your marriage can also be fruitful each year. I think about the peach trees my mom planted from pits; they produced only a handful of peaches last year, but this year it produced baskets.  I think with the proper care your marriage should produce baskets of fruit. 

Color: Green
Gemstone: Blue Topaz or Amethyst
Flower: Geranium

Romantic Picnic 

Whats more romantic than a picnic in an orchard or beautiful flower garden? Not much that I can think of.  Even in the winter you could go to a beautiful ski resort and enjoy an outdoor picnic. This is a great idea for low and high budgets. Take flowers and a yummy looking fruit trifle with some delicious custard. 

Check out this cute staged picnic from Jill Thomas Photography for some ideas. 

I love pinterest and found this amazing folder called "The Art of Picnic's" by The Loft5. So many inspirational Ideas!

Love this idea, I can't find the original source but I believe its from this blog. A little fire to keep you warm and give a nice ambiance. 

Fun Decor

Make your house feel more like a home with some fruit and flower decor. 

image of Ice Cold Lemonade Steel Sign
I love retro/vintage things and this sign from Retro Planet. I need a couple of fun tin signs.

 Roses 8x10 Print - Romantic Art, Creme, Yellow, Red, Floral Decor, Shabby Chic PhotographyCherry Blossom 8x10 Print - Flower Photography, Pink Home DecorFloral prints home decor flower photography, wall art, photo collection, print set, nature photos spring garden botanical photos 4 8x8's
I like these floral prints from Visulology and Carl Christensen.

Sunshine Oranges Sign
Some fun wood signs from The Southern Home

Deep Purple Hydrangeas in Mercury Glass
I love mercury glass fill it with some flowers or fruit and you have a beautiful arrangement. The flowers are from Beauty of Form and the fruit vases from 33 shades of green


If your like us you may need some landscaping our 2 trees and couple of plants are not so stunning. The mud and weed infested back yard is the cherry on top. A great idea to follow the traditional idea of getting an anniversary gift that you need for the house. 

I love the ideas from Better Homes & Gardens
This is a beautiful and shady retreat from Breathe

Fruit trees are the ever giving gift. Each year fresh fruit to eat, can, jam, and freeze. I found some good prices at Willis Orchard Co



Smores maker
Another fun and romantic idea for couples. You can just do desert or savory items too. With the desert make sure you include lots of fresh berries.This website discover the Best Fondue ever is amazing with all kinds of unique fondue recipes including smores, banana split, and chocolate & orange. Then they have all kinds of savory recipes including vegetarian options. I think I am in love!

Dipped Fruits

"LOVE" Berry-Gram (Monogrammed Belgian Chocolate Strawberries)    FRESH - Chocolate Blueberries & Raspberries
One of my favorite things is dipped fruits, its actually the first thing my husband ever gave me. I hope one day he repeats it. Go to Chocolate Covered Company to find the goodies above and just about everything under the sun covered in chocolate.  Or make your own its not too hard at all. 

Baked Goods

Pies, tarts, cheesecake, smoothies, oh my! The blueberry pie recipe is from The Bitten Word. The lemon cheesecake with fresh berries from My Baking Addiction.  Lastly this amazing looking ladyfinger fruit cake from Chef in Disguise. Impress your spouse and make it homemade. 


Whether its flowers or fruit arrangements are a great traditional idea. 

Berry Chocolate Roses®  1 Dozen Mixed ChocolateDelicious Fruit Design®
Combine the fruit and flowers with a chocolate rose bouquet. These options are from Edible Arrangements.

12 Months of Flowers
Choose a simple arrangement or a year of flowers (a bit pricey, but wow). The flowers listed above are from ProFlowers. Build your own arrangement by picking a couple small ones from the grocery store and combining them. This option allows you to pick the colors and flowers, you will know exactly what you are getting.


Spice up the marriage with some fruity or floral lingerie. 

Whatever you pick remember to stay within your budget and something you both will enjoy.