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Hello, Welcome to my blog! My name is Kandice and I am a private nanny for 2 kids and I take my own 2 with me. Most the day I spend cleaning, cooking, and changing dirty diapers. I bet that sounds like most moms out there. My husband is a car salesman and is gone a lot which makes it sometimes crazy at our house. I love the days when he lets me sleep in and watches the kids though. If my house ever stays clean for more than a day it would be a miracle. 

I have the strongest passion for education and learning new things. I am a self  taught cake decorator with a lot to learn. I love to sew mostly kids stuff like dresses, pajamas, robes, hooded towel, car-seat canopies, etc. I love to make crafts for my house and one day want one of those homes that I admire, that people can ah over. Not sure I will ever get there, but one can dream. I would have to say that most my talent has come from what my mom and grandma taught me.

I graduated Cum Laude with my BS in Criminal Justice, Legal Studies & Law Enforcement. I also have an AS in Criminal Justice with a focus on forensic anthropology (Bones). I was accepted to law school, however after much self debate I decided it was not the right option for me, but maybe one day. I decided that even though we will never make as much it was more important to be with my kids as they grow. Having my degrees has given me a passion for the law and I have strong viewpoints, that may come out from time to time in my blog.

If I had to describe my self in a short way it would be a mom who is devoted to her kids that loves to create.