Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 8: Boy Dress Up's

My son has been begging for boy dress up at the house we nanny at, the girls have a ton. Boys want to make pretend just as much and here are some great ideas! I plan on making a both my kids a little dress up station.  Let me know what other fun boy dress ups you come up with! Check out the Day 9: Girls Dress Ups for more ideas, storage ideas, and tips!

Super Hero Capes & Masks

Vanilla Joy has the best cape tutorial with ribbing for the neck band. The only negative is they are not reversible  but with them being so easy to make who cares, more for all his friends. you have to make matching masks of course! Vanilla Joy has a pattern but my favorites are by Cutesy Crafts and are fantastic! If your really ambitious make matching cuffs from See Kate Sew

Dino Tails

Dino Tales! How fun are these, I have been planning on making these for a long time. The tutorial is here from The Train To Crazy, but dont get creative and make different tales. If you live near a Dino museum go check it out for inspiration the one we go to at Thanksgiving Point has a make you own dino exhibit with similar tails. 

Little Chef 

Little Pizza Chef is such a fun idea and not too girly. Add a chef jacket from Simplicity 3650 and its a great combination. I buy my patterns when they are on sale for $1 and I always got to a different store then the actual sale store to price match. Little boys love play kitchens almost as much as girls so it is a great gift for them.

Magic Hat

Check out this great tutorial from The Train To Crazy Town. My son is always playing a magician so this is on the must make list. 

viking hat pic two
Kitschy Coo has a fun Viking Helmet Tutorial. I think I will just be making the vest and hat, but at I am Momma she shows you boots as well.  This is such a creative and easy idea, check out the tutorial.

Cops & Robbers

Toddler Jailbird Hat PatternKid's Police Hat Pattern
Jailbird Hat tutorial is a cute idea for those boys that love to play cops and robbers. For the cop hat go to Cop Hat tutorial, both are by Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! For the outfits I would use Mccalls 6184 and  6417 respectively. Go to the dollar store and pick up a police kit, recently they had one with walkies, a night stick, and handcuffs.  Hours of fun out of this one fore sure. 

To Infinity & Beyond

Check out this simple idea for a Buzz tutorial. Make the hood into a dino head to match your tail too. 

Cowboys & Indians

 Pilgrims & Indians {Thanksgiving} pilgrims indians headdress DIY craft bonnet
I love this pattern! Its from Dana Made It,  it is so simple to make both a Cowboy and Indian vest for play time. Add this Indian head dress and Cowboy hat.  You can usually find toy guns and bow & arrows almost anywhere. 

Construction Guy

Very simple to sew and cost effective. my son love to be Mr. Fix it withe his toy tools and actually disguised his Turkey for school as a construction worker. You can find the Tutorial here from Subtle Tee. 


This is made from a women's shirt and ribbon.  She used silver and yellow ribbon, but it would be much easier to buy the pre-made reflective ribbon that is at most fabric stores. Hats were at the Dollar Store recently and they were not the cheap plastic ones! Check out this tutorial from Feeding My Kid. 



After finding all these boy dress-up ideas i have decided they are much easier than the girls and I wonder why we only have girls ones around. This one is no different than most the other simple and cost effective. I love that you can make the sword and shield to match! Check out the first tutorial from Make, Jane, Make. The second tutorial is from Hand Made by Rianna and is a fast simple chain-mail cowl.


Craft Blog has a great simple tutorial for a Pirates hat that can be made in any color for a boy or girl! Vixen Made has a simple eye patch tutorial

Happy sewing everyone!