Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 7: Boy Toys

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

This one was not easy to find ideas and most of them are for young boys but hey we did the dolly accessories our boys need some lovin too. My favorite part is when my kids say with a big grin "my mom made it for me!"

Lego Sack

Lego Sack, Awesome!!! I would still store it in a tub after drawing it together for easier storage and not in the hands of little ones that can choke. Definitely on my list to make though. Would be great for so many other things as well. Maybe my husbands laundry he just throws it on the floor, I could just draw it up. Make it Perfect has a good tutorial on how to make one.
Buy one here, but I also like the size of theirs and that there is slight rim to help keep it contained.

This one really isn't sewing but it fits great. A Lego table on one side and the other is a chalkboard. You could easily make separate storage areas inside for Lincoln Logs, Legos, Train Sets, etc... We already have a train table but I like the idea of this so much better for the storage aspects. 
Make it Perfect also has this great Tutorial for a Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack as well.

Car Toys

The coolest one for on the go! A messenger bag that fold out into a play mat.

Car Mat, with Garage to store some of the cars. This is a great idea my kids have 2 store bought mat's, neither one is on the go friendly and doesn't store cars. I love her gas station with the end of a shoe lace to fill up and the car wash is so fun! Check it out and create your own.

This is a simpler idea of the one above and would be great to throw in your purse or diaper bag to keep them entertained on the go. Check out Homemade by Jill for this Cozy Car Caddy Tutorial.
A little house, turned whole city. This tutorial shows how to make a play mat into a fun house that's easy to carry.

Random Toys

Space Rocket with Astronaut tutorial and pattern is so fun and I know that anyone from an infant to my 5 yr old and probably much beyond would enjoy this! She also has this great Explore outdoor bag that is going on my gift list. It comes with a bag, telescope, and map tutorial/pattern. Any little boy would love to have this to navigate his way in the "great outdoors." Make the compass too. 

Make your own superhero dolls, what a fun idea, maybe something to do together to give to his firends. my son is always asking me when he get his machine to sew too.

I love the tools over at Wolly Petals, They are stuffed and stiff with cardboard, I would use some stiff plastic to make them laundry friendly. Try plastic Canvas. What cute idea and would go perfect with a tool belt. My favorite is the one at 2 Little Hooligans, it is made like a real one only change would be a tan fabric to increase the look.

I cant find the tutorial for this one anywhere, but how fun! The picture is from Delia Creates though. We have the real potato head already and my son started taking it places and has lost pieces, this would be so much better than taking the actual toy. The bonus is you make multiples so its a whole slew to keep them all busy. I think you can make this however you wanted really no pattern is necessary just felt, stuffing, and velcro. My sons Christmas list already had a Mr. Potato head family on it (kids and all) I am not even sure they make that.  There is another version at Running with Scissors

Bean Bag Counting, such a fun idea and great use of your scraps. We have been working on couting, alphabet, and first sight words; I think this would be a fun way to practice them as well. 2 sets of numbers and letters plus a fun Peek-a-Boo bag from above would do nicely.

Angry bird Softies are so popular right now, but they cost over $8 bucks per bird at the store, make your own and save a grundle check out these tutorials from Obsessively Stitching.