Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 4: Expecting Baby Gifts Part 2

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

Expecting baby Gifts continued from Day 3.... Whether you know some who is expecting or due right before Christmas these ideas would be perfect to help them get started on the ever daunting list of needed or wanted items. If you just found out your pregnant make something to give to your husband to reveal the big news. Or in the spirit of Christmas make something to donate to someone in need like a single mom, someone who lost their job, or your local homeless shelter. A lot of these will help keep baby protected during these cold months. 

Nursing covers

These are great and the perfect for any mom that is going to nurse or even pump. Sometimes you can't always feed the baby in privacy.
nursing cover tutorial 16
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Too Cute Shoes

Okay so babies dont really need shoes, but they are just too darn cute to not have a couple. 

Booties 073 (1)

Cover those ears...Hats

Not only will these keep the little noggins warm and cozy, but they may help with that awkward question: "is it a boy or girl."
ribbon fleece hat tutorial

Pacifier Clips

How many of us spend too much time looking for the binky? What about walking around the store only to discover its gone! These are a must on my mommy list. 

I never had one with my kids, but I always wanted one, maybe with another baby. I think these are only limited by your imagination, use some a of the techniques and create one to match your nursery theme/decor. 

Diaper Bags

I love Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag, but at $150 a pop that's just ridiculous. Make one with all the same features, it really wouldn't be hard. Find a pattern you like and modify it for your needs. For first time moms, keep it simple, I only used one or two of the inner zipped pockets an inner divider was nice in one bag I used. Most my inside items I kept in there own bags that I could easily take out and use or refill. One for diapers and wipes items, one for food items, once for a change of cloths, and a wet bag. The exterior needs pockets for your phone, keys, bottles/sippy cups, and it you prefer a changing pad ( never really used them much). Get the hooks like Petunia Pickle Bottoms, they are easy to adjust to carry and fit over a stroller handle perfect.  Mommies with multiple litter ones will need one slightly bigger, but don't get overzealous it will just end up collecting junk. Maybe one day I will just create a pattern of my own. 
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Love this one with the PUL interior, add a flap and more pockets on the exterior and it would be perfect. 
Diaper Bag
make a handmade diper bag

Diaperbag Accessories Holders

I really like this one, I haven't seen one like it before, The idea that you can get the wipes so easy is great. I would loose the outer pocket. Then put hand sanitizer and some Butt Paste in the interior pockets.  I think this is the best solution! Make it coordinating fabrics for your diaper bag. 
Simple and very effective!
Make several of these and in the appropriate sizes and you have: a clean clothes bag, a wet clothes bag, and a food bag! It would make such a cute set with a diaper/wipes clutch and matching bag. If your filling really ambitious add a nursing cover too. 
Great Idea, but I think I would use a more heavy duty and stable fabric. 
Another option to store a clean clothes bag, a wet clothes bag, and a food bag, just change the sizes.