Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10: Pajamas, one of our Christmas Traditions

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

I think this might be the funnest part of Christmas. I still remember the first year my mom didn't get me any since I had my own family that year i had to go to bed in old pajamas, that's no way to spend Christmas Eve. So I have come to love making my own, sometimes I go a little bit overboard. I think most people do this tradition, but if you don't you should start!

I like knit, fleece, flannel, and other soft materials for my pajamas. FYI some are not flame retardant  but I have never cared because lets be honest my kids don't play with fire, they don't have candles or a fireplace in there room so I think we are okay. Remember that which ever ones you make just enlarge and shrink the pattern for everyone. Who doesn't want drop bottom footie pajamas?

Baby Drop bottom Pajamas brought to you by Me Sew Crazy. Really quite easy and could be sized to fit toddlers and older children, using the potty might be an issue though. 

No-slip Footie Additions 

Add little feet to any pajamas with this simple tutorial from Melly Sews. I had no idea that you could just use Fabric Paint to make sure they are non-slip. She also has a great pj tutorial that you can check out here

Oliver + S

Sleepover Pajamasdigital bedtime story pajamas sewing pattern
Oliver +S has great patterns this is their sleepover Pajamas pattern with ruffles for the girls, so cute right? I like there kimono style ones too they call them bedtime story pajamas. I love there branding too its so retro, but thats besides the point. 

Upcycle Pillowcase Nightgowns

These lovely upcycled nightgowns are from Prudent Baby. I love when you can use something you have laying around. Makes it cheap and you don't have to drive to the store and get a number to wait an hour to get fabric cut. 

Upcycled Pillowcase Lace Nightgowns

Love this idea, in fact I make my daughter inspired from these but a little different. She loves them. Stretch lace good luck finding it, you have to order it online. I wish I could find it local though. Check out the tutorial from iCandyhandmade

Run and Play Pajamas

This tutorial from Simple Simon and Co. is good she like to how to make your own pattern and bias tape sewing. 

Cuffed Pajama Pants

I usually just make simple pajama pants for my boy, but I think this year he will be getting the cuffed ones.  The fabric choices are key for boys! I just buy t-shirts and add some fabric appliques that match, so cheap and much easier. 

Pajama Eaters

I love this idea you put you pajamas in them in the morning and then get them out at night. My kids dont usually get dressed at our house in the morning, they go in the car to the house we nanny at still asleep. I could make these to put their clothes in for the next day and their pajamas to take back home. Add a little strap and they would be just right for me. Check out lost of different kids at Sew Fearless or Flicker Group

Elf Family Pajamas

Check out this fun idea from A Mother and a Daughter. you could easily make something like this.

Adult Pajamas

Check out this blog where she has some good tips on how much fabric you need and types of fabrics to use. 

Check out Kiwk Sew 2175 or 3713 for men's adult footed pajamas. That is right they actually make a pattern. 

Packaging Idea

New pajamas, Christmas movie, popcorn, a mug, hot chocolate, Snowman poop (marshmallows), Reindeer Poop (chocolate covered Blueberries), and a board game to play. My family has a tradition of getting together on Christmas Eve and playing games while we eat snacks, it is a fun way to spend the night.  The package above is from The Imagination Tree