Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3: Expecting Baby Gifts Part 1

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

Whether you know some who is expecting or due right before Christmas these ideas would be perfect to help them get started on the ever daunting list of needed or wanted items. If you just found out your pregnant make something to give to your husband to reveal the big news. Or in the spirit of Christmas make something to donate to someone in need like a single mom, someone who lost their job, or your local homeless shelter. A lot of these will help keep baby protected during these cold months.  I tried to start with the simplest to sew items first. There are so many baby things to sew so I didn't list them all, but made Day 4: Expecting Baby Gifts Part 2 to include a lot more. 

*Note: 2yds of 2 kinds of fabric will easily make a receiving blanket, bib, and a couple burp clothes.

Receiving Blankets

I love receiving blankets, I think ever mom should have at least 3-5 of them and not the ones from Walmart they are too small. You can whip 3 of these out for around $15-25 dollars in about an hour. If you live around lots of women who sew (Morman ladies especially) make one really fancy nice one, otherwise you end up with way too many.  When I had my son and was a single mom, my favorite one I got was fancy and cutter than the rest. That one got worn out so fast from all the washing's, I wish I would have gotten 3 really nice ones, but I am so thankful for all that I did get. 

I have had this pattern for quite some time and have been meaining to list some in my shop or pre-make for baby gifts. Her tutorial is great, has pictures and clear instructions. This is great for even the novice of sewers.  My kids used these till they were about 2 yrs old, depending on the how fast your child grows. These are also the best blankets to wrap your child like a "burrito." Here are some other simple recieving blanket tutorials:
I have been making mine similar to this for years.  If you don't have a serger, sew them wrong sides together leaving a small hole to turn them right side, and sew a decorative stitch around the outside. 

This one takes more time and a little more experience but still pretty simple. They are smaller though so I don't like them as much for that reason. 

I can't crochet so I don't make this kind, but my mom and aunt make them. They look really cute and add the perfect homemade touch. I think they are very timeless as well.  

Burp Clothes

These are really simple and you can often use left over fabric from your receiving blankets to make matching ones. Moms need about 20 of these of at least I did, my son was a puke, i think I had more. If they are breastfeeding you generally need less. There are lots of different kinds out there and to be honest they all work about the same. I will post a couple that I really like, okay maybe I favor the diaper cloth ones. 

*Tip: you can make a burp-cloth the same method as any receiving blanket & vice-versa; just adjust the size. 
Want to sewn edges like she does, say some time just use a double needle almost any machine will do this, check if you have a spot for a second spool and then get a needle you are good to go. The back will not have 2 rows though. 

This is such a cute idea to package a bunch of burp rags. You could easily put A bundle in a paint can as well; blanket, burp clothes, bibs, feeding spoon, binks, etc... Its a fun idea and it would be a great way to donation to those in need. 
This is SUCH a fun idea, you could fill it with the contents they say or with some items you make like blankets, bibs, a swaddler, onesie outfits, etc... This would be the way to tell your husband your expecting or what gender your having. 


Bibs well you will need a lot of these when you first start and less of them as your baby grows. With that said different types are my favorite at different stages. Choose a couple to make of one or make a variety. Great to gift with baby spoons, bottles, and a high chair. 

Towel bibs are great for any age, the rest are good for when they start pulling and moving a lot.

Add this to all bibs for kids feeding themselves

Pee Pee TeePee

I never used these with my boy but I can totally see the use for them. Boys like to pee when that diaper comes off, it is enevitable and unless you want everything covered in pee this is a good step to take. She lists several tutorials on how to make these at Fishers Mommy

Baby To Go Bags

These are so cute and easy. The onsie ones you fill wil dipers, wipes, a clean onesie, and hand sanitizer. While the bottle ones you fill with the approriate age feeding needs. The mom can grab one of eat, throw in her diaper bag and know that she is covered. I wish I have these for my babies. You make a set of 5 so she will have 5 preready and can refill them when she has time. Very affordable to make takes a little time and skill with the appliques.


Car Seat Canopys

So many different styles and options are out there now days. I love a canopy no matter what, with both my kids we just threw a blanket over and called it good. The blanket would always be falling off and getting dirty or made it difficult to carry. This is a must have for any new mommy! My favorite is a zipper front, with an elastic or bustled back, with the front gathered, and a ruffle detail, you wont find a tutorial for it, but you could create one! I put them in order from easiest to sew on to harder. Get creative and add your own features. 
*For safety all canopies should be put over the manufactures regular canopy's, babies can pull them over there faces if not. 


I never had one of these just used the "burrito wrap" method and it worked great for my kids, but I know a lot of kids move too much in the night and need a swaddler. Here are some patterns each with them own features. 
A baby in a swaddle blanket

Make your own Baby Info Pillows

Such a cute idea, check out my tutorial page. These would be great for new & mature parents, as well as grandparents.  They are a little more time consuming so be prepared.  

Blessing or Christening Outfit

This is a cute idea and I would have love to have made my blessing outfits or had one made for me. They can get so pricey and I think everymom wants it to be cute and unique, it is a very special day! This would also be a great way to reveal the gender at Christmas.You will need some skills and time to make this one. 

 I also sell a lot of these items so if you don't want to make it contact me, time is worth the money sometimes.