Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2: Doll Accessories

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

Today I decided to focus on baby doll accessories. I am planning on making most of these for my daughter for Christmas. Some of them are not sewing projects, but they go with them so it works for me. I think the key to all of these projects will be the choice in fabric prints. The need to be fresh, modern, and bright. 


Dolly Diaper Bag

I love this idea, it gives your little girl somewhere to store all her dolls needs. If she is anything like my daughter her dolls and purses go everywhere. This is going to be on my list to make! If you want a messenger style bag go to Twelve Crafts Till Christmas.

Diapers and Wipes

These are so fun, Paige is always asking me to put diapers on her dolls and I hate using real ones. This one gives them multiple diapers to use and a cute little wipes case filled with wipes. I think the only thing missing is a diaper/wipes bag to hold them all, but who are we kidding most little girls are not that organized only there crazy mommies. 

Doll Changing Pad

This changing pad is super cute and obviously works great for little girls. It rolls and secures with Velcro so that it will fit in their diaper bad great. It is simple with 2 rectangles fit to your baby dolls with a little padding in the middle. You fold it in half and roll it, in the middle of the roll is the location of the closure strap. 

Swaddler blanket Tutorial

If your little girl is anything like mine she wants her baby wrapped every 2 seconds and has not figured out how to do it herself yet. This would be a great solution. I recommend you make the hood for the dolls head you are looking at so that it fits good and snug. I think it would even make a better baby doll towel! I love the second version more but no pattern is included so make your own, but it will stay on so much better. See it at ProbablyActually.


Doll Bib Pattern

Simple and cute and they look like the real thing. Use scrap fabric to make it cheaper. 

Best Doll Carrier Tutorial

I looked at a lot of tutorials before I decided this is the one I really liked. Most of the others have your child restricted in movement and the doll is not well supported. The only thing that could make this one better is if it was a backpack too. Her tutorial has lots of pictures so your shouldn't be lost.  I found a tutorial with a backpack, however you must purchase it check out Dolly Outfitters

Baby Moses Basket

This is a nice Moses basket, lots of pictures and tips. Although there is no tutorial you can find lots on the internet and apply her tips. I love the bottle/pacifier holder area. 

Olivia’s Doll Crib
DollKraft by KidKraft Comfy & Cozy Canopy Toy Bed for Dolls

Doll Crib with Bedding

Although this doll crib is made with wood I think it fits these tutorials perfect, it will have storage for all her extra blankets and cloths. The tutorial is by Ana White, I have made some of her things before I warn you now they have lots of flaws but with a little fidgeting they are great.  "M" is for Mattress is the perfect tutorial for the bed check out the instructions from That's My Letter. The Doll Crib Bumpers are simple and easily modified, I would maybe add a ruffle at the top and bottom edge. 

 I don't have a tutorial for sewing the canopy, but it would be fairly simple you cut a rectangle the size of the crib mattress and put a grommet in each corner. Next sew a long panel centered on each corner and add a ruffle to hang down. For the crib you need to add 4 tall post with a removable finel (where the grommet will attach).  Put all these together and you have one delux baby doll bed. 

Doll HighChair Modified

This is a tutorial to make this scalloped edge high chair and matching Aprons. I don't think baby dolls need aprons, but you can make them for your 18" dolls. Who knows though in make believe world a baby may need and apron. This blog is amazing, I only wish the things I built turned out as cute as hers. 

Pillowcase Doll Blanket

This is so simple and a great way to upcycle an old pillowcase. Shouldn't take long to make. I think i will add satin ribbon to the edges by cutting all 4 sides open. 

Baby Fashionista Wardrobe

This ia such a fun and easy idea, I love IKEA hacks. What a great storage option for doll clothes and shoes, I think it would be best for 18" dolls but baby dolls works too. This is not sewn, but it would store some of the next ideas perfect.

Baby Doll Outfits

These are so cute and only take 15 minutes to sew. You can make a whole wardrobe to keep your little girl smiling. 

Bitty Clothes

A cute summer outfit and a little summer dress. 10-15 minutes each and oh so cute!

Nakey Baby Project

These patterns are cute and simple to make. Here is what Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional made from the pattern.