Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week- Fast, Easy, & Affordable

Fanta & Mentos Teacher Appreciation with Printable

This year we are on a tight budget, so while I searched the internet and wondered the store with the kids we had a hard time finding something affordable for all of their teachers. Paige is in preschool with a teacher and aid, while Parker is in the dual immersion with an english and chinese teacher. 

We saw a bunch of people using Fanta for a fantastic teacher, but I wanted something a little more.  It was just a coincidence Parker has been talking about dropping Mentos in soda all week. We snatched up a 6 pack for about $4.00 and the Fanta's a $1.00 each, $1.70 each roughly. We made these fun gift tags that say "You are a FANTA-stic teacher & you MENT-O so much to me." 

We glued them to some construction paper for stability and an extra pop of color. The kids signed them and we tied them together with some scrap raffia, double knotted since the kids will carry them.

Hopefully there teachers like them! 

Here is the free printable, enjoy!