Friday, March 8, 2013

Movie Reiview: The First Grader & Inspirational Elders

A photo from the movie
The First Grader, an inspirational movie which shows that no one is too old to learn and we need to study history. This is based on a true story that took place in 2003 when a radio announcer in Kenya tells that the government is supplying free primary school (grade school) to all. The man is inspired to read a letter sent to him from "The Office of the President". He wants to get the education that was not available when he was growing. He struggles to get the school to allow him to join and is told he must go to adult school. 

Mau Mau Suspects Being Held 1952
As the movie goes on you learn more about what he has gone through in life. He was a fighter with the Mau Mau in 1953. I did a little more reading about the Mau Mau Uprising after the movie and it was so interesting and something I had never learned about in school. what I found most interesting is that the men in these movements where held in camps much like those in prisoner of war camps and Nazi Concentration Camps. It is amazing that we seem to never learn from history and that we fail to see what happens when we forget. 

There are some violent aspects in this movie so it is probably not suitable for young children, unless you fast forward through those parts. As Mauge continues on through the movie you see the continual struggle of the masses and bullies  who very much reminded me of whites in the 1950's when they oppressed blacks.  Maruge ent on the do anything things and inspired a whole new generation to get an education. He is to date the Worlds Genuis Book oldest person to go to primary school. I really don't want to give away too much more of the movie, so you must go watch it. 

Kimani Maruge
It just goes to show that when you do what is right men can move mountains, no matter the age. In thought of learning from our elders here are some more inspirational elders:
Ruth Hamilton

Olive Riley

Ruth Hamilton (1898-2008) and Olive Riley (1899-2008), these two amazing ladies actually blogged until their deaths Ruth was almost 110 and Olive 108. It is amazing to see that technology can be learned no matter how old. 

arthur winston
Arthur Winston (1906-2006) worked for 75 years for the Los Angelos Transit Authority. He only took one day off for the funeral of his wife. What an inspiration of hard work and dedication, he retired on his 100th birthday. 

Partor Lee Jong decided he wanted to help with all the abdone babies on the streets of Korea. I have never been there but would deffinately be in shock seeing a baby abandon on the street and let it die. He has no education or trained created a "Drop Box" where people could leave unwanted babies. Most of the babies have birth defects or disorders. He and his wife have raised about 3 dozen children since 1998. There will be a documentary about them coming out shortly cant wait!