Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Freezer Cookie Dough

Who loves cookies?

I am sure everyone out there cannot resist the temptation of a fresh baked homemade cookie. I just baked 2 different kids in 18 min. roughly and this is what my mixer looks like and all I have to clean up:

This is why I love freezer cookie dough. I freeze mine in logs that will make roughly 2 dozen each. Although the dough sometimes gets eaten before it can bake. All I do is take it out of the freezer microwave about 45 seconds, slice (they are still frozen, but cut-able), and bake. We didn't get home till late today and we still get yummy cookies to enjoy.  I will included some recipes later...

Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirls (they slice perfect when they are still frozen).... 

My #1 fans right now

* A little cookie tip: with almost all cookies pull them out when the look almost done, leave on cookie sheet for about 2 minutes then a cooling rack they are usually cooked perfect and dont fall apart.