Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 12: Tents and Canopies

If you have a kid that loves to make forts these ideas are for you! I love the idea of a play tent that you put up for times and then take down, but the idea of a bed canopy gives them incentive to go to bed. I have a little energizer bunny who never wants to sleep, maybe with a cute canopy she will be excited. Check out the ideas and tutorials. I would love to see what you make. 

Hula hoop hanging tent, is super easy a really cute. She uses just 3 flat sheets and a hula hoop. I love the last one with the double tie backs. The sheer is super cute and would look cute hanging over a girls bed as a canopy. Check out the tutorial from 2LittleHooligans. 

An enitre bed tent, this one is not a pattern but I think it would be pretty easy to come up with, make a wooden frame and them a simple fabric cover with some windows.  Check this idea out by Life Time.

Paint your own no sew tent. So easy anyone can make this one. It stays together with some grommets  and plastic rings. Check out this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew. 

All the bells and whistles are in this tent. This one would take some time and skills to make. It has domed windows with curtains, an attic doll play space, and a hanging basket for flowers. Check out the tutorial from ikatbag. 

This cute tutorial shows you how to make this tent for $10 that's right! I couldn't believe it, but its just 5 hula hoops and a king flat or fitted sheet or a twin sheet set. I have some old sheets that would work great for this one. Thanks Obsessively Stitching for the affordable idea. 

a versions that is breathable and has windows. I would use an outdoor canvas to make it more durable for all summer long use. Check out the tutorial from On One Hand.

Collabsible pup tent, I love this idea! My kids are always camping out in the living room and they fight over space in the tent. A couple of these would solve that problem. Check out the tutorial from Lindsay & Drew

No sew hula hoop circus tent. I think this could be made in so many different ways. I think you could assemble this one in an hour or so. Check out the tutorial from Little Miss Momma. 

Army Bunker table tent, this is great for any boys. Its made for around $30 and fits in a bag the size of a pillowcase so it is easily stored. This one fits over a kitchen table, as  long as the legs aren't in the middle. This one is also from Obsessively Stitching.

PVC Playhouse
This is a great tutorial to show you how to build the PVC fort frame. She covers it with blankets and sheets, but  you could easily sew a cover and there are patterns to buy on on ETSY.  I like that this one is taller and larger so that it can be used by older kids and multiple kids at once. It can be taken apart and can be put back together and stay together easily. Check out the awesome tutorial from Angry Julie Monday.  Her are 2 sewn covers that could be a jumping point to sewing your own: #1 Sweetest Littles and #2 lovegracemercy. 

PB Knockoff Ballarina Canopy is a fun variation on the usual bed canopy. This is a good step by step tutorial that should be pretty simple to make just takes a little time. Check out the tutorial from Wee Warrens. 

This is a simple canopy that can be used for a boy or girl and includes a no sew option. Check out this tutorial from MeggiPeg. 

This is a really simple canopy that would only take a couple minutes to assemble. It uses small wooden dowels and a couple sheer panels from Ikea. If your in need of a quick change try this one from Rosy Red Buttons. 

This is an option that I like but I dont think it would work well for kids unless you can ensure its in studs. I think it would be even easier if you use pvc pipes and paint them. I love the dramatic look and it makes it feel so romantic. If you rent and can't paint this would be a good way to change the color. Check out the tutorial from Pregnant with Power Tools. 

This is a cute idea and would work well for a day bed or crib. I love the velcro so you can change the fabric over time. Check out this tutorial from Designed to a Tea. 

I love this bunkbed with a canopy! I have seen lots of bed tents for the lower bunk but this is the first for the top bunk. The lighting is also very unique and would make for some fun book parties. Check out this idea from Cookie Nut Creations. 

Here is another lighted option from Cottage Instincts. This one is not as girl and could be used for a boy if done right. She used Ikea curtains, Christmas lights, and some long simple curtain hooks. For a boy I think I would use a sheer red, blue, or orange, with those color of lights. Also, make sure that the fabric is not too shiny more of a matte. Check out the idea.

Upside down planter box makes this canopy fast and easy to make. i love the simplicity and the garden feel it lends. Check out this idea from Polka Dot Chair.