Thursday, November 1, 2012

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

First, wedding anniversaries are important. It is the one time of year that is special to just you and your spouse. It is a time to stop everyday life to rekindle that love and personally renew your sacred vows. Just like birthday its a reminder that something special happened that day. They are their to help you celebrate that you accomplished another year and dream of the moments to come. "Anniversaries are important, not because they commemorate an earlier event, but because they help us relive it. When a husband and wife celebrate an anniversary, they re-experience a special emotion created by their marital commitment 1 Rabbi Shmuley ."  

I couldn't have put this part better "Sometimes, too, married or committed men make the mistake of thinking that marrying a woman was all he ever needed to do to show his love for her, and that from that day onward romantic gestures, candlelight dinners, flowers, jewelry or old-fashioned dates are not necessary, that she should just "know" he loves her and not fuss about things like candy hearts and valentines. While it's true that men show their love mostly by fidelity and support, devotion, protection, by providing for the family and being a steady friend and faithful lover- and not by stuffed animals - it's important to understand that some women need a few more overt gestures from time to time, and may be making a big deal out of anniversaries as a way of telling you so. 2"

Following the traditional anniversary themes will also increase your chances of having a successful anniversary. If you start the trend to follow them both of you will be able to know what type of gifts to give. If you give your wife diamonds on your first anniversary she will most likely be disappointed with your second if it is a sweater or new dress. It will also give you a direction to go when contemplating gifts. One exception I can think of is if you are low on cash and in need of something like a new washer, stove, etc.. then combine forces to make the marriage easier (you could still do a small gift, challenge each other to get something for under $10 or $20).  Something to remember also is that the traditional gifts given during the first couple years where thought of as an additional "wedding gift" that is something the household needs, while the more lavish gifts where reserved for when your established. With that said though if you have the means go all out why not. 

Some important things to remember when planning an anniversary:

  • They should be rare and meaningful 
  • They are not a competition
  • Be charming and romantic, but not fake
  • Follow traditional anniversary themes
  • Get help from your spouse friends or family if you need it
  • Dont spend the money if you dont have it, be practical. 

Important Anniversaries

Typically the first 15 are celebrated by the couples together after that they tend to include children, friends, and extended family. The 25th, 50th, and 60/75th typically have a party in the couples honor.  Check out the link to each anniversary for gift ideas and more into their meanings (as they become available).

1st: Paper
2nd: Cotton

6th: Candy & Iron

7th: Copper & Wool

8th: Bronze & Pottery

9th: Pottery & Willow

10th: Tin & Aluminium
15th: Crystal
20th: China
25th: Silver
30th: Pearl
35th: Coral & Jade
40th: Ruby
45th: Sapphire
50th: Gold
55th: Emerald
60th or 75th : Diamond

Strength within the interwoven fibers; Paper 1st Anniversary

The idea for the 1st anniversary stemmed from the fact that paper has strength from woven and intertwined fibers yet still having its unique delicateness. After a year of marriage you are intertwined together, but still have the delicate nature of a new relationship. The color is papyrus yellow and the flower is carnations, orange blossoms, and/or pansy's. 

Gift ideas

Joe DiMaggio Framed Marriage Certificate
Now this one was not easy to find an idea for or a picture example, but I think it happens to be one of the best if not the best. How many of us actually even know where our marriage certificate is? I know ours is in an envelope somewhere. Get some of your favorite pictures from your wedding, honeymoon, reception, rehearsal dinner, etc... the candid ones I think are sometimes better. Next get your wedding certificate or have a fun one made. If your religion also gives you a certificate of sealing (LDS) or other include that too. Its all up to you but will be one of the greatest things you hang in your home, your kids and grandkids will all love looking at this. This is a great one for a husband or wife.  

Leather Journal - 5x6  Diary - Notebook - Sketchbook - Rustic - Dual adjustable strapLeather journal handmade,blank notebook,unique vintage journal,travel diary,mini journal with heart,I love you,dark brown,unique gift
A first year journal, this one you should start the day you get married. Whenever your spouse does something you love or think is cute/funny you write it in the journal. Dont let your spouse know you are doing this. At the end of the year on your 1st anniversary you have a book of things that you love about your spouse and what they did for you. I think this is one that should just become tradition. It is there to remind you of the good times and let your spouse see what you think of them daily. If you didn't do this sit down and think of things from your first year. You could include pictures also. Keep it going after your anniversary to help remember the good. This journal pictured is from Twisted2011. I also love the one on the right from:CLWorkshop

Personalized Custom Text Paper Tree with Hanging Hearts - Love Story, Poem or Special Wording
Paper Tree with Hanging Hearts - Love Story, Poem or Special Wording This is a really cute idea that can easily be purchased or you could make. If you had a baby the first year add a heat for them. If you bought a home add a litter nest. Instead of hearts you could add little birds. This is also a great gift if your walls are a little barren. 

If your spouse loves to read a book is a great idea. Get a first edition of there favorite book or some books they have been talking about reading next. Make sure it is meaningful to them. 

Paper Anniversary Gift - 1st Wedding Gift - Two initials with heart in between - Gift for Him - Gift for Her
Two initials with Heart in between Book This has to be one of my favorites! It is so unique and would look so cute on a bookshelf. There are many variations of this idea including dates, names, and words. You can even write a short saying. To personalize it more have it made out of yours or your spouses favorite book. 

Tickets are a great idea, but there is some rules if your already have season tickets it does not count. Second rule if you buy the tickets it has to be something the other spouse is really into not yourself. Some ideas may be sporting events, plays, operas, concert, or even airline tickets. My mom was so surprised when my dad surprised her with a trip to Hawaii, he even got the time off of work for her without her knowing. He sent her roses to work with a card that said they were going to Hawaii tomorrow. It was not for their paper anniversary so if you do this send the actual tickets with the card or some paper flowers maybe.  

Here is a link to make 4 paper wreaths Pretty Paper Wreaths or Paper Rose Wreath and if you want to buy one Paper Wreaths. These are great for a seasonal door decor or wall accent. If any guys where to make one of these I bet your wife would be so proud and excited. You could make this gift very affably.  Use the pipe insulation tubes taped together with duct tape for your wreath form making it even cheaper.  

If your spouse loves magazines renew there favorite magazines or add some more they will like. If you search the internet you can find great deals on magazine subscriptions.

Stocks and bonds are a paper gift that invests in your future. A share holder certificate or if you haven't already a joint account. If you do this make sure it is in both of your names, it could be a little offensive if it is in your name only. I would also strongly recommend a romantic gift along with this one.

Large Centerpiece or Gift Bouquet
This Boquet is from Inspired Designs
Low on cash this one is perfect find some old paper or ask your wifes friends for some then go to this site with 50+ paper Flower Tutorials and Templates and make her a boquet. It would be a FREE GIFT. You could also buy some paper making it still very cheap. Add some buttons, ribbon, or feather to doll it up. If you dont want to make them buy them here: paper flower bouquet

I Love You Anniversary Birthday Wedding Engagement Marriage Love Coupon Book // Mini Album . Card  // Under 15 Deployment Gift for Him Her
A coupon book is a great idea, it is the gift that keeps giving. It could be romantic, chores, or even sexual. Here is a link on instructions to make a coupon book, but search the web there are lots of tutorials and template out there. Here is a free printable one: Amazing Homemade Coupon Book 2. And of course to buy one: Love Coupon Books. I will also be adding a sexual coupon book I made some time ago for a bridal shower to my etsy shop. 

Cranium GameXXXopoly - Adult Board Games
Games are a fun idea that will last for years and provide entertainment. It can be anything UNO, Cranium, Yatzee, Scrabble, etc. See lots more fun adult games here. You could also take a naughty turn and add games found here.

Write a love letter and send it to them in a creative manner. If they work have it delivered in a bottle or put it in there lunch. Leave it on the dresser if you eave before your spouse or mail it to them in advance if they get the mail. If you need help writing a love letter check out these resources: general writing tips8 tips for writing love letter to spouseTips and IdeasIdeas for delivering love letters. Add a box to keep love letters in make you own or buy one

Gift Certificates are a good way to go if you are unable to do something the night of your anniversary. Get them for your spouses favorite restaurant  movie place, or hotel. You can also get them for a store they like but I recommend against that since it should be something you do together as a celebration together. 

picture-024Music to my Ear(ring)sSpiral Paper Clip Bracelet w Brass Springs- Blue, Olive Green, Dark Hot Pink
"Paper"clip jewelry is fun and unique. Although it is not quite paper it is used on paper and I just think it is kinda fun. The bracelet is from BeadsStonesEtc., the earings are from Nyuzi, and the necklace from Green Dada Jewelery. Some of these can be cheesy though so be warned. 

Click to Enlarge
Name a star after them. This one may have become a little cliche recently, but I think it still is romantic.