Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 9: Girls Dress Ups

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

I recently made a ton of costumes and this will be a part of my kids Christmas, the a couple things I really learned is use stretchy materials for the bodice not only will it be easier to put on but it will fit them longer and their friends who may be bigger or smaller than them. Second search around for accessories like wigs, shoes, purses, etc.. the DI, Salvation Army, and Yard Sales sometimes have great options. It doesn't really matter if it well used either the kids dont care!

Here are some fun accessories to make followed by a lot of characters: 
tulle wand


Sleeping Beauty Costume Dress, Princess Aurora Size 3 Ready to ship
This one is hard to find, must not be too popular but I found this cute one to buy on Etsy. I would suggest a pattern for this on but I love the tulle skirt. Try Simplicity 9384 or 5835. 


Made this already for Halloween. I will have a pattern soon, but I suggest you start with a nude leotard. I made mine all separate pieces so that I can adjust the size. 


Homemade Toast has the best tutorial for sewing a belle dress and I would follow her bodice tutorial for the best stretch on any of your costumes! She uses shirring as the main bodice to allow movement as well. 


This is the cutest Cinderella dress and it is very full. She made her own top tutorial, which appears to be a pieced together peasant top and links you to the skirt tutorial. Any little girl would love this one!

*Tip: The current trend is to make a Peasant Top for the top of all your Dress up dresses and you just change how you piece it together and the appliques. I like this to an extent but I think it can get a little boring if they are all made this way. Check out these 2 tutorial to pattern your peasant tops. #1 from Sew Like My Mom and #2 from TaDa Creations


Check out the tutorial from Midwest Family Life. Love this ideas to use a tank top as the base for the shirt. If you are a little more ambitous try Simplicity 3626. 

Minny Mouse

Love this and it is so simple to sew! The only change I would make is to put the ears on a headband so its easier for kids. If not doing it for dress up do it with the bow option, if its anything like my daughter she doesn't leave headbands on other than for dress up. Check out the tutorial from A Girl with a Glue Gun.


Defiantly love this one by Sew Can Do. It looks so similar and I love the gold details. I think I would add a cape. 


I love this Mulan dress it would be easy for kids to put on and pretty much looks identical. Check it out frim Coles Croner and Creations


Pocahontas costume
This one is really simple to make and looks like her its from Lori in AZ. I think I might use some of the tutorial from Sun Scholars since its looks more classic indian.  

Snow white

For Snow White I couldn't decide for sure so I like the skirt from Always Underfoot and the top from Treasures for Tots. It would be really easy to combine the two just make your pheasant top and then sew the tulle skirt on and cover the edge with a red belt. I would defiantly make her a cape too since she is one of 2 Princess with one.  The cape could be attached to the dress or made separate. I would just make a Little Red Riding Hood cape that could do double duty!


The simple one on the left includes a tutorial from Ris C Handmade and is really fun. I think mine will be pretty similar to it but with some infusions from the one made by Ollie Girl .  like the longer petals with trim and the leafs at the top. 

*Tip; Low on money and time make the cosutmes aprons. Check out these great ones from Fireflys and Jellybeans. These would also be good if your low on space to store everything. 


I could decide which one I liked more so I included both. #1 is from Make it and Love it and #2 is from Prudent Baby.  


I love this simple apron nurse tutorial from The Crafty Cupboard. It is really cute and would be easy to put on. The best part is that we already have a Fisher price Doctors bag, if you dont check out Target I think they have a really good selection my favorite (which isn't the one we have) is Learning Resources. This would also make a great costume idea for a boy with some scrubs, a face mask, and hat; try Mccalls 6184 its the one I use to make the basics for lots of costumes.  Make the nurses hat pictured from this tutorial, I cant find the name of the lady who made this one though. Check out the great docotrs coat also from Vixen Made, I think it is one of my new favorite blogs!


Check out this tutorial for an affordable and easy to put on Bridal Veil.   I could find a good tutorial for a dress but this is all up to you and can be really fancy or simple, just make it white!

* Tip: Short on Cash go to a second hand store to get fabric from old bridal gowns, prom dress, etc. 

Little Red Riding Hood

Check out this amazing tutorial from Make it and Love it


For those girls that love to play with there big brothers and be super heros I am in love with these dresses from Goody Goody Tutus! They are not a pattern but a dress to buy, I think they are super sweet. I know my childhood friend Sharifa's little girl wanted to be the a superhero for Halloween and this is a good option. She makes just about all of the characters! or get creative and make your own with capes!
LOIS AND CLARK Superman Inspired Tutu Dress - Small 12/18mos

Dress Up Storage
Check out this really simple and cute tutorial from Craftyness is Optional. Anna White also created a tutorial based on her idea which you can link from the tutorial. 
Chloes Closet is a great idea for an old dresser that you find cheap or free! I love that there is a drawer for glasses  hats, shoes,etc. Then she put a mirror on one side for the kids to check themselves out and hook for jewelry on the other side. If I can find an old dresser this is the way I will be going for my kids dress up station!
Post image for DIY Kids: Dress Up Wardrobe
Boxes and wrapping paper with some hooks! So simple and affordable right. This option would not last long at my house with my 2 climbing kids, but if you have a gentle child its a great option! 
dress-up DIY do-it-yourself storage play room clothes little girl disney princess costume outfit home project
A simple cute Corner Storage idea. I love this idea, the only thing I don't like is that its not portable. We move stuff frequently at our house. 
This great option from Vixen Made is very simple yet had great options for storage. I think that I would get a couple matching baskets and label the front with hats, shoes, and accessories that way the kids would know where to find things and how to clean them up! I really like this one in all it glory! Make sure you include a mirror on the side, a mall one so you can still have hooks under it.