Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fresh Berry Salad

This is a good salad in the middle of winter to fight off all the heavy foods and baked goods. It is a little more pricey to make in the winter. I like to add mangoes  if you can find them too. 

8oz baby spinach or mixed greens
¼ cup cilantro chopped
¼ cup chopped green or red onions
½ cup strawberries
½ cup blueberries
½ cup raspberries
½ cup black berries
½ cup grated Parmesan cheese
½ cup toasted hazelnuts or pecan chopped fine
Raspberry vinaigrette dressing

1            1-  Toss in bowl and drizzle with dressing.

* To make ahead and put in fridge top with dressing right before you eat.

Printable recipe: Fresh Berry Salad

Mexican Bean Dip

Very good flavor bean dip and much easier than making a 7 layer dip. We love to make quesadilla's with the leftovers. You could really use it as a spread on any Mexican dish.  Top with fresh chopped tomatoes, cilantro, and onions mix. 

Mexican Bean Dip

2 c shredded Mexican cheese blend
½ 8oz cream cheese, softened
½ cups sour cream
1 16oz can refried beans
¼ onion chopped
2 tsp garlic (fresh minced)
1/8  cup chopped green onions
1/8 cup chopped cilantro
1 TB parsley
3 TB salsa
5 drop hot sauce
Tortilla chips

1-  Mix everything well in a bowl minus ½ cup of cheese
2-  Pour into a 1.5 qt glass dish and top with remaining cheese.
3-  Bake at 350° for 40 minutes

* To make ahead and put in fridge at step 2, then just bake an hour before you eat.

Printable Recipe: Mexican Bean Dip

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

This is a really yummy version that rivals that found in restaurants. I use the whole bag of spinach, but I really like it you can cut down if you like it less. Make sure you put the artichokes in a small food processor  it really helped not to have chucks of them and spreads the flavor. I like to bake it till the cheese is crispy on top. We never have enough bread so we eat the left overs with tortilla chips.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
2 ½ tsp garlic (fresh minced)
16oz frozen spinach, thaw and drain liquids
14 oz Artichoke pieces, chopped fine
1 ½ c shredded mozzarella cheese
1 ½ c shredded parmesan cheese
½ 8oz cream cheese, softened
1 jar alferedo sauce, (I like Bertolli)
2 baguettes, sourdough is good too

1-     Mix everything well in a bowl minus ½ cup of each cheese
2-     Pour into a 2 qt glass dish and top with remaining cheese.
3-     Bake at 350° for 40 minutes

* To make ahead and put in fridge at step 2, then just bake an hour before you eat.
*Adapted from

Link to printable recipe: Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 24: Neighbor Gifts

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

Here are some cute sewing ideas for you to make as neighbor gifts. Some of these are very inexpensive so you can make some for all the neighbors. 

Potato Bake Bag from Low Price Fabric.

Cute kitchen towel from Ucreate Crafts.
pink and green dishtowel

Pie reciepe with carrying case from Northern Girl Boutique.

Sewing kits from Frugalicious Me.

Fabric luggage tag tutorial from Skip to my Lou.

Oilcloth recipe binder tutorial from Lola Again.

Gift bag pouches from Parentables.
napkin gift pouches

Sugar Cookie bag from Chic Tags.

Make your own microwave popcorn from Under the Table and Day Dreaming

Knee sock wine bottle cover from Formal Fringe.

I think I am going to be combining the last three with sparkling champagne. Get creative and I would love to see your ideas. 

Day 23: Technical Covers

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

If you have or are getting someone a laptop, kindle, iPad, etc... these tutorials are for you. A good thing to note is that all these tutorials could be adjusted to whichever device you have, its all about changing the measurements. 

iPod cover from Whip Up

Mens iPad and phone case from Sew 4 Home.
Click to Enlarge

Awesome iPad tote with pockets for other gadgets from Fiskars Craft.

Simple Kindle cover from Whip Stitch Fabrics

Upcycled binder cover from Practically Functional.
DIY iPad Cover + Stand Tutorial

Simple iPad cover with zippered pocket from Fresh Lemons.

Cozy framed iPad cover from Craft Sanity.

Laptop and MP3 case from Amy Butler Design.

MEH Laptop bag for 17" & 15" screens from Marie-Josee Mailloux

Laptop, Kindle, or iPad sleeve from The Cottage Home.

Portable DVD player tote, we really could have used this one before ours got beat up get the tutorial from make it and love it.

Portable DVD case with DVD storage from Nap Time Crafters.

Leap Pad storage case tutorial from Pink Stitches.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 21: Organization On the Go

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

Continuing with getting organized for the holidays. Most of us will be in the car for quite some time driving to families and more holiday parties. Our car is a mess all the time lately, I think every pair of shoes my kids have is in there although none of these will solve that issue. Make some for yourself or your friends as gifts to help them organize too. 

Car Visor Organizer from Vanilla Joy.
car visor organizer

Car Organization from Craft Apple
Car OrganizerCar Organizer

All time favorite! Bag to back seat toy organizer. I need at least 2 of these, my kids are always filling the car with things and then I have to take them all back in. Get the tutorial from Tidbits.

Up-cycled first aid kit from Rips in my Jeans.

CD visor holder from by your hands. Most of you probably don't have CD's but we have a couple DVD's anf kids CD's that need a home. I think I would make it to store those small jewel cases. 

We have store bought covers for our seat, but I am contemplating making one or two of these for the younger kids seats. Rasons: #1 the store bought ones only cover the seat part, not the back and the seats dig in pretty hard when correctly attached. #2 these ones would stay on a lot better with all booster seat that are getting moved. Get the awesome tutorial from bubbly nature creations.
DIY Car Seat Protector1 DIY Car Seat Protector!

Day 22:Crafter Organization & Gift Ideas

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

Since the last couple of days have been about getting organized with style for the holidays I thought I would share a couple ideas for organizing your crafts or gifts for you crafting friends. I hope some of these inspire you like they have me. 

Travel Sewing kit from Material Girl Quilts

Scrap fabric storage baskets from Trillium Design
Scrappy Storage

Sewing room task basket from Sew4Home
Click to Enlarge

Table quilt to hold supplies from Get Your Craft On

Portable ironing board tutorial from I'm Feelin Crafty

Embroider hoop baskets from Always a Project

Hexie pin cushion and storage from Penny's Hands

Framed inspiration board from Digilio Designs

Simple inspiration board from Sew Woodsy

Crochet & Knitting storage tutorial with tote from Skip to My Lou

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Best Ever Green Bean Cassarole

I love green bean casserole and this is a recipe we found and tweaked last year. It is so good that my 5 year old that doesn't eat anything with vegetables lately will sit and eat a bowl like it is cereal. I thought I would share it here since Thanksgiving is just days away. I will be making some of this and will post pictures soon.

Green Bean Casserole
Very yummy my kids love it and will eat a whole bowl.

4 slices bacon
16 oz green beans frozen
½  onion chopped
½  red bell pepper chopped
¼ orange bell pepper chopped
¼  c white cooking wine or wine (dont use wine vinegar!)
¼  c milk
2TB butter
1 can cream of mushroom
½ TB soy sauce
salt & pepper to taste
1 c shredded mozzarella cheese
1 c french fried onions

1- fry bacon and crumbled
2- sauté onions and peppers in bacon small amount of bacon grease till soft
3- add wine and simmer for 20 minutes
4- in casserole 13x9 dish mix butter, milk, soup, soy sauce, and salt/pepper
5- add the green beans, bacon, cheese, and onions/peppers mix well and spread evenly
6- top with french fried onions and bake 350 for 30-40 min. or until cooked through.

* To make ahead and put in fridge at step 4, then just bake an hour before you eat.
Get the printable version here: Best Ever Green Bean Cassarole

Day 20: Organization at Home

30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas

With the holidays approaching and family coming into town if your anything like me you want to clean up and de-clutter. Here are some great ideas to help you organize and clean up our homes. 

Meal Planner Organizer from LBG-Studio.

Mail organizer from Noodlehead.

Wall Book Holder from Domestic Imperfection.

Covered Crates from Notes from the patch.

Crate stools from Tupelo Honey.

Fabric storage boxes from make it and love it.

Diaper Box Cover from Mandy's Krafty Exploits.

Grocery bag storage from gen x quilters.

Jewelry Holder or small things holder from make it and love it.

Remote storage from sew4home.
Click to Enlarge

Bedside organizer from All Free Sewing.
Make a Bedside Organizer