Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 Halloween Costumes

Ariel and the Ninja

My kids decided what they wanted to be this year and it was not what I wanted to make, but after the costumes are made I am really excited for Halloween to come. 

My little Paige made up her mind clear as day that she was going to be Ariel for Halloween. I thought with her being 2 I could convince her to choose something easier to sew, but alas my attempts failed. So I searched for a pattern to make an Ariel outfit, but nothing looked good so for the first time I made my own pattern! I was very nervous and excited about this. I think it turned out cute though and I will be selling them in my ETSY shop soon. 

Costume Day at Dance

I made it warm so that she can just wear a shirt under and hopefully not have to cover it with a coat. I used good fabrics so that it can go into the dress-up box and get years of use, after-all what good is a costume if it doesn't get played with. 

Tried to get a picture of the back, but the little German Dancer girl wanted Paige's crown. 

We purchased the Wig and crown in a packaged deal at, they are out of stock right now and we only paid $12. It comes with shoes and a wand too, but we will save those for her dress-up box.  It was a great purchase to finish off this cute costume. 

My sons was rather easy he found this mask at Walmart and he wanted it, we figured a ninja would be just right for it. Since the mask is black and blue that is the color scheme we went with.

I used McCalls pattern M6184 which is very easy to sew. We wanted a more ninja look instead of just karate, so I made a pattern for the vest and found the Chinese word for piece to sew on the front. I made it a little big so that he can wear warm clothing under, especially with it already snowing this year. It is easy for him to put on and will go into our dress-up box for years of play. His dad got him some nunchucks, throwing stars, and swords to go along with it.  

We have two very happy kids just waiting for Halloween. 

Did you sew your costume this year? 

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