Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Treats...Oh My

Check out these fun Halloween Treats. Make a few to share with friends and neighbors. If you want to boo your neighbors use this cute free printable at The Tomkat Studio.

Witches Fingers

These delicious chocolate covered pretzels are extra creepy. She dipped the pretzel rods in the green chocolate and added a sliced almond fingernail. She used a toothpick to add the knuckles. Check out some of her other creepy treats and food at Deep in the Heart of Arkansas

Skeleton Stack

Start with a thick brownie covered in ganache. Then dip you pretzels in white chocolate, once the chocolate is dry stick them and use a sucker or short bamboo stick to hold them upright. Finish it with a Marshmallow with a fun face (edible markers). Check out a ton of party ideas at Wants and Wishes.

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

These fun Frankenpops are a marshmallow on a stick dipped in melted green chocolate, allow to cool at least 10 min. in the fridge. Next dip the tops in melted mint chocolate to form the hair, allow to cool again. Next draw on the face, scars, and bolts with gel icing, she used Wilton's Glittery Gel. Super cute and easy! Check out Craft-O-Maniac for the full tutorial. 

Nutterbutter Chocolate Ghosts

Dip Nutterbutters in melted white chocolate, add mini chocolate chips for eyes, and then cool on wax paper.   Check out the full blog at When the Dinner Bell Rings.

"Hoot" Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a hoot. Frost with chocolate frosting and add a little extra at the top for ears. Split 2 Oreo cookies for the eyes and add 2 M&M's for the pupils. Add an orange M&M for the beak.  Check out All Things Simple for more Halloween ideas and some green slime. 

Eyeball Donuts

Eyeball Donuts Halloween Treats Cookie Recipe
These fun donut holes are dipped in melted white chocolate, cooled on wax paper. Next melt some green or blue chocolate in a bag, snip off the corner and draw a circle on the top. Push a chocolate chip upside down to make the pupil. When all the chocolate has dried use red piping gel to draw the bloodshot lines. There are more Halloween Cookie ideas at Divine Dinner Party

So I Married an Ax Murderer Cupcakes

so I married an ax murderer cupcakes
1 Cup of Sugar
6 Tablespoons of water
¼ cup light corn syrup
½ teaspoon red food coloring
In a small saucepan bring the sugar, water and corn syrup to a boil. Add the food coloring and reduce to a simmer. Stir on and off for 20 minutes. To check if your candy is ready drop some of the liquid into room temp water, if it holds its shape you’re good to go.
Drop the candy coating on wax paper to form the blood spill and add a hatchet topper . Really simple with a huge impact. To see the full tutorial make sure you visit One Charming Party