Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Crafts to make this Year

I love these ghost and they are so simple to make! I think they will look  great hanging on any porch  To add a little more character use a Styrofoam head  and spray adhesive the cheesecloth to the face, makes it really spooky. Check out more of her ideas at

These spiders are so cute! She has such a good idea to use the command hooks, we are making these, but are putting faux fur on the main body, not only will it save on paint, but it will give them a little more dimension.  Thanks for the idea Dusti from

This is such a cute and easy idea, I love that is has 4 different Halloween characters! The best part is how little is cost a 2x4, paint, some burlap, and a little vinyl. Check out how to make these and other cute ideas at:

So easy and cute, a definite must for the kids to take to school for Halloween.  All you need is Orange cups and a sharpie. Thanks Aimee at