Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Boo-tastic Halloween Wreath for $20

I wanted a fun Halloween wreath that was different and unique. I found this one on A Fish Who Likes Flowers for my inspiration:

I wanted to do mine in orange and black with Christmas ornaments, however it is hard to fins orange ornaments. So I found this cute sign at Hobby Lobby for 60% off, making it $5. So my wreath became black and purple instead.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture before it was attached. 

I bought 2 purple berry Christmas picks for $1.47. I went to Walmart to get a straw wreath for $3  and 2 packs of black feather boas for $10.  I already had black felt scraps and hot glue. 

First I wrapped and glued the black felt scraps onto my strap wreath to make sure no straw shows through. I then began to cut the feathers into 7-8" strips, no need to be too precise. and glued them on all the way around from the outside of the wreath to the inside. Make sure you glue the feather strips on good or they will sag. If any feather fall off I glued them on the skimpy areas. 

After all the feather were I on I wired and glued the Boo sign on making sure it is snug, I don't want the wind knocking it off and breaking. I separated the berry picks and put them on both individually and in clusters.  I glued some of the clusters but most on them I was able to just push into the straw wreath.

And that its. Simple, but very dramatic and festive. You could add a big bow at the top, but I liked it without.